Fully Torqued semester wrap-up

The sophomore combotics team had a successful year designing, building, and fighting Danger Zone.

Although it only competed in one match, Danger Zone had several improvements over Trap Mouse, our previous robot. These included a more robust weapon mechanism, a more reliable drivetrain, and more. We have a clear idea of how to improve for next year, and will begin working on our next robot soon!

Senior Combots Wrap-up

The senior team had a great time designing and building BumbleBot v2 this year. The build was completed a bit ahead of schedule leaving plenty of time for testing. Unfortunately, the night before competition our weapon speed controllers fried and corrupted our receiver(s). We stayed up all night successfully replacing and programming new speed controllers for our weapon. Another unfortunate event took place within seconds of our first match when one of our switches shorted causing us to lose communication with the robot. Eventually (after both loses in the tournament) BumbleBot, now dubbed YoloBot, performed up to specifications after a couple grudge matches versus a printer.

Killer UniKorns Wrap-up

The Killer UniKorns wrapped up a successful year. Being our first year, we had a steep learning curve at the beginning of first semester. We were able to catch up though and create a robot that placed 3rd place in Robobrawl and was the highest ranked UIUC Undergraduate team. Next year we will be using our robot for demonstrations purposes at quad day.

DTD semester wrap up

The junior comobotics team had a great season building The Kraken. The Kraken is a full body spinner, the only of its kind in our competition. The weapon/armor held up well and the robot can still drive and slowly spin up. We plan to use to the kraken for demonstration purposes at quad day next year.

Robobrawl Livestream Links

Links for the Robobrawl livestreams are up! The actual streams will take place Friday, 9AM-4PM and Saturday, 9AM-3PM.

Day 1:
Day 2: