Senior Combots

Senior Combots Wrap-up

The senior team had a great time designing and building BumbleBot v2 this year. The build was completed a bit ahead of schedule leaving plenty of time for testing. Unfortunately, the night before competition our weapon speed controllers fried and corrupted our receiver(s). We stayed up all night successfully replacing and programming new speed controllers for our weapon. Another unfortunate event took place within seconds of our first match when one of our switches shorted causing us to lose communication with the robot. Eventually (after both loses in the tournament) BumbleBot, now dubbed YoloBot, performed up to specifications after a couple grudge matches versus a printer.

AlphaAF: End of Semester Post

The senior combotics team, AlphaAF, have finalized the design of their drumbot. The CAD model is near completion and materials have been purchased. Drivetrain testing has begun and build season will start right on time at the beginning of the spring semester.bproductive

First Senior Combotics Meeting

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the first Senior Combotics meeting yesterday, it already looks like we are in for a great season! We discussed the different types of battlebots and threw around ideas for a new team name. Please check the iRobotics calendar for future team meeting times, and let’s go destroy some robots!

Quad Day Success!

Thanks everyone for coming out to quad day and seeing us. We’re happy you braved through the burning sun to learn about great opportunities for the upcoming year for you all! Our first general meeting is going to be 9/2 in the ECE Building room 1002 at 7 PM. We hope to see you all there!
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