Sophomore Combots

Fully Torqued semester wrap-up

The sophomore combotics team had a successful year designing, building, and fighting Danger Zone.

Although it only competed in one match, Danger Zone had several improvements over Trap Mouse, our previous robot. These included a more robust weapon mechanism, a more reliable drivetrain, and more. We have a clear idea of how to improve for next year, and will begin working on our next robot soon!

DTD First build meeting

The sophomore combotics team had their first build meeting this Saturday. The frame is fitting together, and we are nearly done with making the rest of the parts. We are planning on having meetings every Saturday at 1pm, and every Tuesday at 7pm. We plan to be done with assembly within the next two weeks, and all the electronics should be done within three. We are on track to being done with over a week to spare before EOH.

IMG_2926 (1)IMG_2925 (1)

Quad Day Success!

Thanks everyone for coming out to quad day and seeing us. We’re happy you braved through the burning sun to learn about great opportunities for the upcoming year for you all! Our first general meeting is going to be 9/2 in the ECE Building room 1002 at 7 PM. We hope to see you all there!
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