Projects Team

Projects Team 2016-2017

Projects Team this year had a blast! From concept drawing on chalkboard to live open house demonstrations, the team has put in a lot of work to create a robotic arm with almost all the degrees of freedom as a regular one. EOH was also success with presentations from Projects, VEX, and Robobrawl (livestream) at our booth. This is farewell from Rock, however the team looks forward to more exciting projects in the future.

Quad Day Success!

Thanks everyone for coming out to quad day and seeing us. We’re happy you braved through the burning sun to learn about great opportunities for the upcoming year for you all! Our first general meeting is going to be 9/2 in the ECE Building room 1002 at 7 PM. We hope to see you all there!
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iRobotics Corporate Demo Day!

Since the majority of our teams have competed their seasons (With Combots Just returning from their tour in Miami), iRobotics had a demo day for our Sponsors what we have been up to! We got to show off our engineering projects to representatives of our sponsors as well as engineering faculty throughout our university. Read More

iRobotics Exhibits Rock EOH 2014!!

This year, iRobotics had two exhibits at Engineering Open House in addition to the Jerry Sanders Design Competition. One exhibit featured our robots for the VEX Competition, which visitors could drive around! The other featured ComBots destroying old electronics in a polycarbonate cage built by our Projects Team! Both exhibits attracted tons of visitors over the course of the two days!! Take a look!! Here’s to a fantastic EOH next year!! Let’s keep the iRobotics flag flying high!

Audience VEX Audience

Projects Team ComBots Cage – Huge Success!

The newly formed Projects Team built a polycarbonate cage for the ComBots to destroy old electronics in at Engineering Open House. This cage was a huge success, as visitors from everywhere stopped by to watch the demosntrations! The team put in a lot of work to build this cage from pieces of wood, polycarbonate, and a few nuts and bolts! A very hearty job well done to everyone!

Projects Team

The next projects that we will be pursuing are building a quadcopter as well as a demonstration robot for our outreach events!! Let’s keep the ball rolling as we move into next year!