Accident Prone – Fall 2021 Update

Accident prone has spent a majority of the meeting times this semester working on choosing components for a vertical spinner and brainstorming ideas for the weapon. In the past, we have designed a drum spinner, horizontal spinner and a pneumatic flipper, this year we chose to challenge ourselves with a vertical spinner robot for Robobrawl 2022 competition. We picked out all of our electronics such as the motors, batteries, speed controllers and power distribution elements. We have also spent time drafting the layout of our robot, choosing wheel dimensions, placement of weapon, defense elements and placement of different electronics inside of our chassis.

This year we are facing challenges in getting parts for our robots due to the overall shortage of materials and electronics in the market, and so we have been researching and deviating from our normal electronic selection. Now that we have most of our parts picked and drafted a sketch of our design and high level requirements we are going to start working on our CAD in the next month and get ready for manufacturing and assembly.

Here is an update of our robot we designed last year, a horizontal spinner. We have not gotten a chance to build this robot due to COVID-19, restrictions and limited access to laboratory and machining space. Here is our completed CAD renders!