Accident Prone – Junior Year Robot

Accident prone is focusing on designing a horizontal spinner this year. We picked out all of our electronics such as the drive motors, weapon motor, ESCs and batteries. We are working on making a gearbox, primarily based on Space Jam’s sophomore year robot. We are making changes to it to make it a bit more space efficient. The weapon team is also working on optimizing the weapon profile, to maximize MOI.

Electronics wise, unlike previous years, we are attempting to remove a gearbox from our drivetrain completely. This would save significant weight in our robot, but with the Odrive and low KV motors we will be able to push out higher torque based on motor position. This would give our robot a good advantage if we were to get into a pushing match. We ideally would like to build our robot next semester, however we are unclear about the status of the competition and access to the machines needed to fabricate our robot. We are optimistic and will continue to iterate through our CAD for the chassis and weapon, as well as the gearbox until when we are able to build the robot!

Different profiles we are working with: