Accident Prone: Winter Break Update

During winter break, Accident Prone has worked on its bot and continued to make progress on the design. We have ordered major parts that we need and received many of them already. As we wait for more parts to arrive, we are making use of this time to review the CAD of our bot to ensure that we can have a smooth fabrication process. From here on out, we will be cutting metal, testing electronics and assembling the bot. For most of our members, robotics is a new thing so this process is great for us in gaining a lot of experience in putting together something.


Running with Scissors has been an awesome experience!


We have taken suggestions from our upperclassmen as well as alumni and implemented those changes into the CAD. We are now on our 4th version of our structure CAD and will continue to refine it as issues arise. We plan on having our robot finished 7-10 days before E.O.H to make sure we have time to practice and test it.

Finally, we are all excited to jump into build season and put together our first 30 pound Combot!