Accident Prone’s Updates

Members from our team learned a lot and gained new experience while designing this bot!

The Freshman Combotics team went with an egg-beater design for their weapon this year! The weapon will be running on a dead shaft, and the shaft will be offset from the center to create a single impactor weapon. Because the shaft is off center, the weapon also incorporates a counterbalanced design.

The chassis design uses the tabbed method for assembly and has two tapered inner walls to raise the front of the robot. This allows the weapon to have more clearance and allowed the weapon team to design a larger weapon. Currently, the structure team is working out a pocketing pattern that works well with the overall design.

The electronics team has decided all of the electrical components. Currently, they are working on creating CAD models for all of the electronics components, as well as establishing the internal layout of the bot. Concurrently, they are designing an internal lighting system that will reflect the robot’s emotions.