D.P.D! Arena (Part 1: A Solid Base)

In preparation for our October 20th Design.Print.Destroy! Competition (Robot Day at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum), Robobrawl Arena Committee has been tasked with the design and construction of a new Arena for D.P.D!

This Thursday we began by choosing our materials, updating our CAD to match, and cutting material for the base.

D.P.D! Arena Model

The Arena floor is a 46.75″ square base (our outer dimensions will be ~48″ square), with a base constructed out of 2×4’s and plywood and will use a steel sheet as the floor.

Lumber to Match

To form a 46.75″ base, we needed to cut 4x 45.25″ and 2x 43.75″ sections of 2×4 as well as a 46.75″ square section of plywood.

A Good Day’s Work

Wood cut to form the base of the new D.P.D! Arena

Stay tuned for part 2, where we will finish assembly of the base and begin work on the arena walls.

For more information about the Arena, or joining arena committee, Contact the arena chair Kurt (krbowen2@illinois.edu).
For more information about competing in D.P.D! Contact the event coordinator Paige (pepowll2@illinois.edu)