D.P.D! Arena (Part 1: A Solid Base)

In preparation for our October 20th Design.Print.Destroy! Competition (Robot Day at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum), Robobrawl Arena Committee has been tasked with the design and construction of a new Arena for D.P.D!

This Thursday we began by choosing our materials, updating our CAD to match, and cutting material for the base.

D.P.D! Arena Model

The Arena floor is a 46.75″ square base (our outer dimensions will be ~48″ square), with a base constructed out of 2×4’s and plywood and will use a steel sheet as the floor.

Lumber to Match

To form a 46.75″ base, we needed to cut 4x 45.25″ and 2x 43.75″ sections of 2×4 as well as a 46.75″ square section of plywood.

A Good Day’s Work

Wood cut to form the base of the new D.P.D! Arena

Part 2 continues here

For more information about the Arena, or joining arena committee, Contact the arena chair Kurt (krbowen2@illinois.edu).
For more information about competing in D.P.D! Contact the event coordinator Paige (pepowll2@illinois.edu)