D.P.D! Arena (Part 2: Some Assembly Required)

A Solid Base

Using the lumber cut previously, Arena committee (and friends) moved on to assembling the base and applying a coat of paint around the edges (since that portion of the base will be visible once assembled).

For future improvement (and something to keep in mind for similar designs) we would recommend adding pockets to the side to allow the floor to be picked up easily (this change might make its way to the Robobrawl Arena).

Steel to size

Side Panel Dimensions

To accommodate the base of the arena as cut (and the polycarbonate walls), the steel stock needed to be cut into 8 x 23.75″ sections and 8 x 4′ sections (the height was dropped to 23.75″ in allowance for the kerf of our cuts from 8′ stock). The chop saw made quick work of our cuts, and allowed for a 45 degree miter (for a stronger weld)

Our 4 Walls


Ready For Welding

With our steel stock cut to size, we are ready to move on to welding the side panels, preparing the steel floor, and mounting our polycarb walls.


Stay Tuned for Part 3, where we will wrap up assembly of the arena structure. Part 1 is online here


For more information about the Arena, or joining arena committee, Contact the arena chair Kurt (krbowen2@illinois.edu).