MaizeRunner – Fall 2020 Update

 It’s been a strange and tumultuous semester, but we’re glad to have been able to get through it and make progress virtually. This semester we worked on several smaller projects aimed to build up components we could use once we hear more about the MRDC 2021 competition. We worked on a web portal-based robot controller that could be hosted on the robot, allowing us to connect to the robot over WiFi. This way, we won’t have any software on our controller laptop, while still being able to view camera streams and status info. In addition, we surveyed several swerve drive designs to choose one that would best fit our requirements. We’ll be working on these over the break, with the goal of starting to build our 2021 robot once we come back in January. We hope to receive more detailed news about the MRDC 2021 competition soon, and we’re looking forward to competing next semester!