Meeting 9/15

Things we discussed

1) Individual team leads for Mech, Elec and Prog will meet on their own to work on their assigned tasks.

2) Updates


  • CAD Designs for drivetrain

  • Materials to buy/make our own modules?


  • SBRIO + Control System overview


  • Try to write a program to control the drive train in C#

Stuff you need to do

1) Fill out the Contact Info Form
This form also has a question which asks about which subcommittee you want to be a part of. The respective team leads will get your emails and contact you.

2) Research on the following

  • SBRIO 9642
    Look up manuals from here
    Especially these 2 (here and here)
  • Beagleboard
    Seems like a cheap controller which fits our needs really well. Look up the specs and give your opinion.
  • Driver Feedback Cameras
    Look up some good cameras (such as network ip cameras) which are affordable and easy to use
  • Limit Switches with mounts (or someone suggested 3D printing the mounts?)

I will try to post all these meeting summaries on as well.

Have a great week ahead!