MRDC Maize Runner Update

MRDC Maize Runner has been working on several projects during the off-season to prepare for the 2022 MRDC Competition. One of these has been developing a new webapp-based robot controller, which uses a webapp hosted on our robot’s Raspberry Pi that can be connected to from any device using the Raspberry Pi as an access point. Another has been developing a swerve drive module that we could potentially use in our 2022 robot, based off of several existing designs developed by other robotics teams (such as FIRST Robotics Competition teams). Finally, we have also been examining and improving our 2020 robot as an exercise. Specifically, we noticed several issues with our old 2-cim gearbox resulting from tolerance issues in our design causing contact between the gears and axles in our gearbox. We are looking forward to competing in the 2022 MRDC Competition!