Real World Experience – End of Year Update

Unfortunately our year was cut short due to COVID, leaving us without any experience to build a robot from. We weren’t able to complete our robot due to it being in the ESPL, which is closed to students at the moment. Most of the issues we came across in our design process can be attributed to us having no idea what we were doing. In our short time working on building our robot, we also found the importance of precision, especially when tapping plates. Going forward, we plan to implement some changes to our robot for next year, and have a couple members train in the machine shop, in order to help us with some of our precision issues, especially with drilling. We also had a couple issues with dead components, but there isn’t much we can do about that other than re ordering them.

Next year we are debating building a vertical spinner, or possibly a drum spinner, but that is currently up in the air and will be decided upon at the beginning of the school year.