Sophomore Combots Fall 2022 Progress Updates

Sophomore Combots has been working on a multi-disk vertical spinner robot, nicknamed “Project R” for the time being. The CAD for the robot has wrapped up its initial version, which features a four-wheel drive system in which each side’s two wheels are belt-driven off of a centered motor and pulley. In the front of the robot, interchangeable armor mounts will allow for different configurations of wedges and forks, which will help counter certain opposing robot designs. Additionally, there will be UHMW armor that will be attached to different areas depending on the point of attack of opposing robots. Overall, Project R will be a speedy, compact, and durable robot that will pack a dangerous punch.

Manufacturing will begin early 2023, leaving 6-8 weeks of room to perfect the electronics and experiment with drive controls. The Sophomore Combots team is looking forward to showing off the new bot at Robobrawl 2023, where they hope to have a much more successful showing than last year.