Combots 2012-2014

The Action Robotics Team comprises members with a passion for developing combat oriented robots. The goal of the team is to develop robots to compete at national “Combots” competitions and achieve high place finishes. The nature of these competitions are simple, two robots battle in one ring until only one is left running. Therefore, the construction of such combots must be rugged, tough, and powerful. However, each robot is subjected to a weight restriction according to what class it is entered in. As a result, a successful design will get the most strength out of a predetermined weight. As a new team, Action Robotics developed their first robot for competition over the 2012-2013 school year, and the bot competed in Miami spring 2014. Over the 2013-2014 year, An underclassmen lead effort also produced a second robot that also competed in the same competition!

After these competitions, the Combots team decided to do some reorganization. Due to increased interest, and the annual expense of the higher weight division bots, continued participation in such a fashion seemed unsustainable. This team plans on taking its veteran bot back to the competitions in future years, but the Combots teams have since decided to create multiple teams of lower weight class bots for members to get more hands on experience in the excitement of Combots.

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