Unity East Family Engineering Night

On April 8th, Pi Tau Sigma (MechSE Honors Society) and iRobotics hosted a Family Engineering Night at Unity East Elementary School in Philo,IL. A Family Engineering Night is an event where students and their families come to school in the evening to participate in hands-on STEM activities to help the students learn about engineering. The night consisted of four major activities of 3-D Printing, Hot Chocolate Machine, Egg Drop, and Tower Building. While waiting for these challenge activities the families got to engage in short 5 minute activities exploring engineering and physics principles such as learning about energy conservation while designing a roller coaster using clear tubing and a ball bearing or learning why bridges use arches. We estimated that about 100 participants came to the event which was a great turn out for out first ever engineering night! For more info check out our article by i-STEM.