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If you are a current or previous iRobotics member and wish to edit this page please contact irobotics exec and then and make edits as you wish! As a reminder adding to the Tech-Wiki earns active membership points.

Tech Wiki

This wikipage is a repository for advice, instructions and examples for building, coding destroying, and utilizing robots and computers to every extent possible. Here you can peruse, edit, and contribute to code and guides that help everyone build better projects. Navigate our current pages using the guide below.

iRobotics Teams


The main Combots page leads you to information such as 30LB teams, participation in competitionsm/results, alumni teams, resources and more!

1lb Combat Robotics
Introduction and guide to 1lb combat robotics building
30lb Combat Robotics
Introduction and guide to 30lb combat robotics building


The Pacbot page contains information regarding everything pacbot. Technical documents and more inside.




A resource for previous iRobotics teams, such as MRDC and iRobotics VEX. Showcases the history of the previous teams and how-to guides!

Pages for iRobotics Members

Membership Starter Guide

iRobotics History


General iRobotics Resources




Learn about the humble beginnings of iRobotics as a student organization! Starting with it's founding in 2013 up to current day. iRobotics has grown a lot over the years.