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iRobotics Technical Wiki

This wikipage is a repository for advice, instructions, and examples for building, coding, destroying, and utilizing robots and computers to every extent possible. Here you can peruse, edit, and contribute to code and guides that help everyone build better projects.

This page is a hub where you can access all of the subcategories that this wiki contains. If you don't find something you're looking for, try using the Search function. If it doesn't exist, please feel free to start a page.

Combotics Starting Guide

MRDC Starting Guide

VEX U Starting Guide

Mechanical Workshops



All about organizing and creating. This section explains design and CADing tools, as well as ways to design different subsystems.


The brains of the robot. Located here you'll find information on microcontrollers, and controlling various hardware.


A robot is nothing but a pile of components until someone puts it all together. Follow this link to learn about all the nuts and bolts of building a robot. You'll learn about the various types of mechanisms, ways to build a frame, and how to deal with different types of material. But wait, there's more! This section also contains information on the various types of tools and techniques that are commonplace when building in ESPL.



Everybody's favorite activity: spending lots of other people's money on cool stuff. This section contains list of websites and retailers for all the parts that you need, and more!

Team Specific

Want to know what stuff each team uses? This section is full of helpful information to help you get ahead.


MRDC is a premier university level objective based robotics competition. Normally it features 140lb robots, that compete in a 50' x 50' arena in a free for all single elimination matches, where the top two advance.





iRobotics is a relatively young club, having been founded back in 2011, with teams operating all the way back to 2010.

The History of iRobotics