Community outreach is one of our core principles at iRobotics. We believe it is our duty to spread our love and knowledge about engineering and robotics in our communities, especially to young students. We often hold engineering activities at local middle schools to encourage STEM skills while learning to think like engineers. We create challenge based activities that foster team work and “out of the box” thinking to complete the challenges. To give an example, in one activity the students worked in groups to create a boat out of different types of paper that could hold the most mass without sinking in water. We also hold robot demonstrations at these schools and other STEM events to get students interested in robotics. We hope to increase our outreach efforts this year by planning more demonstrations and activities. We are also planning a huge robotics workshop for the local middle and high school students. To get involved in our various outreach activities please see our Outreach Director after club meetings or email irobotics.illinois@gmail.com.

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