Accident Prone

Team Captain
Accident Prone is iRobotics’ Sophomore Combotics team.

Accident Prone: Winter Break Update

During winter break, Accident Prone has worked on its bot and continued to make progress on the design. We have ordered major parts that we need and received many of them already. As we wait for more parts to arrive, we are making use of this time to review the CAD of our bot to […]


Accident Prone: Controls Team Reflection

Over the last couple months our spent a lot of time during meetings gaining knowledge about Combat Robotics. The Controls team especially, learned about the components necessary in making a bot and choosing the right parts for the specific purpose that we are aiming for. Below are updates from a Controls leader as well as […]


Accident Prone’s Updates

The Freshman Combotics team went with an egg-beater design for their weapon this year! The weapon will be running on a dead shaft, and the shaft will be offset from the center to create a single impactor weapon. Because the shaft is off center, the weapon also incorporates a counterbalanced design. The chassis design uses […]