Accident Prone

Team Captain
Accident Prone is iRobotics’ Junior Combotics team.

Accident Prone – Junior Year Robot

Accident prone is focusing on designing a horizontal spinner this year. We picked out all of our electronics such as the drive motors, weapon motor, ESCs and batteries. We are working on making a gearbox, primarily based on Space Jam’s sophomore year robot. We are making changes to it to make it a bit more […]

Accident Prone – End of the Year Update

Firstly, we hope everyone is safe during these rough times! Over the past month, although we were not able to compete at Robobrawl, we attempted to put the robot, or at least parts of the robot together with the tools we had to see how everything fits together. We did find issues with some plates […]

Accident Prone – 2020 EOH Update

Although EOH is cancelled this year, we have made lots of progress on our robot. Projectile dysfunction has come a long way from its initial CAD. Our biggest challenge with this robot was the pneumatics. We had a combination of paintball pneumatics and industrial automation pneumatics fit together to create a powerful flipper. We finalized […]