Metal Gear Solidworks’ Experience at Robot Day

Last week Oct 19, members from the Sophomore MRDC team went over to Orpheum Children’s Museum in Downtown Champaign to take part in the Robot Day hosted by iRobotics. We had a great time at the event and below are some remarks made by MGS members at the event:

Hi everyone! This weekend the Sophomore MRDC had the chance to present to younger kids in our Champaign-Urbana community for Robot day at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum! There we showed the children the ball collecting mechanism of our robot and how the robot functions to turn and move in different directions! It was such an exciting day to talk to these kids not only about robots, but about science in general that we even got to talk to a young viewer about how environmentally friendly lazers are compared to guns! Wow what a day!!

Robot Day at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum truly showed me the wonders of the work the students at the U of I manage to pull off. During my shift at the museum, we walked through our project with some of the kids who had come and tried to give them as cool of a demo as we could into the workings of the MRDC competition and how our robot could measure up to it!
– Laksh

This year’s robot day was an exciting adventure where I got together with my MRDC team members to present our functioning robot to curious children. At the end of the day the spirit was to build and improve our robot so that next year in that very museum we have the coolest looking robot of them all. The D.P.D competition was cool too ( barrel bots will always win ).