Space Jam Pre-EOH Update

Introducting [unnamed 2020 Space Jam bot]! Despite not having a name yet, this robot is coming along amazingly. This year, we’ve decided to build a vertical spinner! The unique thing about this year’s bot is that we’re using an encoder to allow effective closed loop Field Oriented Control (FOC) to control our drive motors. This lets use have the maximum amount of torque at any speed, without the typical low speed torque issues with the typical back-EMF driven control. This will give us far better control of our robot and has made an extremely low gear reduction wheelbase more feasible. To accomplish this, we’re using an ODrive ESC for our drive system, with slightly modified firmware to improve drive and control characteristics. This single ESC lets us run both the drive motors (with the closed-loop control) and weighs significantly less than last year’s Castle ESC’s.

Team Space Jam is well on its way to Robobrawl. With under 30 days left until competition, we’ve wrapped up the last bits of our design work and are ready for manufacturing. EOH is just around the corner and we’re excited to get building! Come find us at EOH and watch us fight!