Maize Runner – Moving Forward for Next Year

We hope that everyone is staying safe and staying home during these difficult times. As we sign off for this year, we wanted to give an update about our plans for building upon our progress next year. As we outlined in our previous post (which you can see here!), by March we finished building our drivebase, began working on our intake, and finalized our shooter subsystem. While we plan on using a similar drivebase next year, we are also thinking of revisiting our final subsystem designs from this season, and depending on how similar the MRDC 2021 season will be, we might experiment with some other ideas on subsystems to score points, rather than continuing to build our 2020 robot. We also plan on restocking our motor controllers, sensors, and batteries as we often found it difficult to work with the ESCs we had on hand. Finally, we aim to spend more time on ensuring that more members can contribute, and we hope to expand our team next year!